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San Francisco.


15+ years experience creative production & direction.

12 years showing in galleries & museums. 

10+ years creative team management and development.

Lived in: New York, Los Angeles, London, Washington DC, Ireland, Japan, and Panama.

My first name is Hannah, middle is Ariel. I go by Ariel these days.

What I did

Executive Producer •  Asana

Global Creative Ops Lead •  Airbnb

Senior Interactive Producer •  Apple

Creative Producer •  Bokeh 

Head of Photo, Video •  Thumbtack

Director, Photography •  LivingSocial

Creative Producer •  CPG @ Marriott Int'l & Exxon Mobil

Director, Studio & Production •  Skye Associates

Studio Manager •  Creative Age Publications

Photo Editor • LA Times

Co-Founder • Cinereach

Paying my Dues • Pro Bono

Production Intern • Conan O'Brien

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